8 Alternative Reasons For Blowing Out Your Interview

Written by: Simon Lewis
Published on: 30 Jul 2013

How creative are you?


Somewhere, I’m sure, there is a trophy the size of Tanzania being handed out for the world’s most creative excuse for failing to attend an interview.  But I haven’t seen it and nor, for that matter, have I been to Tanzania so whilst the analogy may be as dubious as it is pointless, I suspect you get the drift.

We’ve all heard the one about the bus being late or the car breaking down but what other fables are there?

Working, as I do, with some of the best contemporary recruiters in the land, I am often privy to industry tales of such outlandishness one might think they’ve been made up.  But, like the rest of the world, I’ve been a jobseeker in my life and have, I regret to say (though with a certain sense of reflective mirth), spun a spurious line or two along the way.

So this is how I know the following excuses for failing to attend an interview could be true:

  1. I was arrested for speeding.  That’ll teach me for trying not to be late!
  2. My tie got caught in the door of my bus and I was dragged along to the next town.
  3. I had to wait at home whilst my monthly delivery of massive salted peanuts turned up.
  4. Call me an arse but I forgot about a colonic irrigation appointment I booked at the same time.
  5. My dog ate the house keys, which wouldn’t have been so bad had he also not locked all the windows.
  6. I lost all my money at a poker evening last night.  In the end I bet my phone.  I lost that, too.
  7. Suddenly, from nowhere, I became overwhelmed with agoraphobia.  Who are you anyway?  Go away – you’re scaring me.
  8. I won the lottery last night.  Would you have attended the interview?  Really?

There you go, 8 alternative excuses for failing to attend your next interview. Print them off, put them in your wallet.  You never know when they’ll come in handy.

Got some excuses yourself?  Feel free to share…