7 Reasons To Work In London 'Straight Outta Uni'

Published on: 10 Oct 2017

London graduates

Love it or hate it, there's no denying that London is simply one of the most cultured, well-connected and genuinely exciting places to live and work in the World. There is something truly luxurious about the UK's capital; the history, the architecture, the retail. It may be a millionaire's playground, but London has just as much to entice you, fresh graduate. A hub for marketing jobs and opportunities, London has so much to offer entry-level marketers with every sector you can think of, prestigious graduate schemes and so much more. Check out our top 7 reasons to move to London 'straight outta uni': 


Avoid graduate limbo

Graduate limbo is a phenomenon experienced by many university leavers. To put it into perspective, a graduate has just finished 3 or 4 years at university (in many cases even longer) where they've been pumped full of silent promise for the future, security and slept a few more hours than the average human. This is a world where receiving a £1300 loan payment to last you 3 months was like winning the lottery, and where, for some, visiting Tesco Metro in your pajamas was a daily occurrence (not pointing any fingers here, but every student resident of Jesmond knows what I'm talking about.) In the blink of an eye, the graduate has reverted to living at home, their mother is cooking their dinner and they have to book in advance every time they need their Dad’s car to visit friends. It's a difficult time, especially when you're searching for jobs which, in itself, can be an incredibly laborious process. A great way to combat and avoid graduate limbo is to do something crazy like move to London. There is an abundance of graduate jobs in London so it really is brilliant place to start!


The opportunity

From a UK perspective, you can’t get more opportunities than the vast quantity that London has to offer, and it’s incredibly varied. One of the most appealing things about working in London is that you never quite know what’s around the corner. If you speak to enough people and if you’re open-minded enough, the sky really is the limit in London and it’s an absolute mecca for graduates whatever their career path. A career should be exciting, and that intrigue for the future is something that you can only get from a city as extensive as the Big Smoke. 


You can’t get bored

You really can’t. It must be near impossible to get bored in London. This city is perfect for recent graduates because it’s an improved version of what they’ve been used to. It can be difficult to go from university life and into the real world, especially if your undergraduate experience was particularly colourful, but London is without a doubt the ideal step up. With thousands of restaurants, bars, museums, clubs, events, shops and so much more, living in London provides graduates with a constant stream of entertainment.


You’ll learn how to budget the hard way

We're not going to sit here and outright LIE to you; London is expensive. The cost of renting is almost three times what it is in other areas of the country and you have to be really lucky to be able to buy here. The good news is, it’s a bloody good life lesson! As a new grad, you’re unlikely to be on a six figure salary in your first year, so you’re going to have to learn how to budget in order to keep yourself afloat, and there is no better place to do this. The good news is, if you start in London, when/if you eventually move out you’ll experience a whole array of benefits in life, one being that your cost of living will decrease significantly. The truth is, there are ways to save money whilst working in London. You just need to be smart and disciplined. 


It’s the best place to be on payday

As a fresh grad, you’ll probably struggle with the management of your finances at first, especially towards the end of the month, but as soon as payday hits you will feel like an absolute KING in London. With its glittering shopping districts, thousands of restaurants and variety of entertainment venues, payday in London is by far one of the most exciting days of the calendar month. It’s probably the only day of the month when graduate girls feel like Vivian Ward in Pretty Woman and guys feel like Jordan Belfort from Wolf of Wall Street pre-arrest.


It’s so much fun

For a lot of graduates, living in London’s residential districts are not dissimilar to being at university. The first port of call for most graduates in the capital is to take a room in a shared house, either with friends or with fellow young professionals. Endless nights out and the chance to socialise with a little bit more money than you had when you were at university are what this time is all about. Savour it and get it out of your system before the reality of a settled, grown-up life sinks in (something some of us absolutely LOVE by the way.)


You’re never far away from home

The UK is not that big. You can get all the way up to York in under 2 hours and back to Newcastle in just over 3, so living in London doesn’t mean abandoning your family if you hail from further afield. Similarly if you’re a graduate from abroad, London is one of the most well connected cities in the World, with the rest of Europe on its doorstep and easy access to the Middle East, Africa and Asia. Granted, sometimes the trains don’t work and it’s a pain in the arse but those scenarios are few and far between.


There are literally hundreds more reasons why we'd recommend London to recent graduates, but we'd probably never stop writing if we were to list them all. If you're looking for graduate jobs, why not search for jobs in London?