6 Ways To Stay Active During The Working Day

Published on: 11 May 2018

stay active at work

This is easy if you’re a landscape gardener, a builder or a personal trainer, but not so easy if you’ve got a marketing job because you’re most likely to spend the majority of your time in front of a computer screen. The month of May at Only Marketing Jobs is Workplace Wellbeing month, and to kick it off we’re looking at ways you can improve your physical health during the working day:


Take your lunch break

Sitting at your desk for the entire day is a recipe for disaster for both the body and the mind. You’re likely to be far more productive if you take regular breaks throughout the day. Get outside and go for a walk or offer to make a round of teas. Even if you’ve got food with you, a ten minute stroll at lunchtime is a great way to reset and invigorate yourself for the afternoon and it always feels good to stretch your legs out.


Pie off the lift

This is a small change that can make a huge difference to your health during the working day and everyone can benefit from this. We understand that many people work in high-rise buildings with multiple  floors, so for some the lift is necessary, but why not stop it a few floors earlier and walk the rest of the way? If you’ve only got a few floors to climb and it’s doable, shun the lift and get those legs moving!


Swap emails and calls for face-to-face meetings

Instead of emailing your colleague in a different department, why don’t you use your legs and physically travel to their desk? You can also apply this to clients. If you’re in the same city, why don’t you arrange a meeting in their offices rather than continuing the constant barrage of calls and emails? You will probably be far more productive face-to-face and it's a fantastic way to build rapport.


Walk a part of your commute

This one is easier if you’re based in the city and use public transport to get to work. Get off a stop or two earlier and make walking a part of your commute a priority to set you up for the day. If you’re able to walk the whole thing, even better, and if you can run then you’re onto a winner!


Make time for a local gym or organise a running club

A lot of companies offer extended lunch periods for exercise. If your company doesn’t, you should raise this because you definitely have a case. Taking some time out during the day for the gym is a great way to stay active and break your day up. If you don’t work near a gym, why don’t you set up a running club among your colleagues? You’ve got the added social benefit here too and it’s always good to bond with those you work with.


Invest in a standing desk

This will give you the chance to spend a large proportion of your day stood up, avoiding being sedentary for long periods, which can cause a variety of health issues including the slowing of the metabolism, obesity, some types of cancer and even early death. 


If you're not benefiting from any wellbeing perks in your current role, maybe it's time you for you to find a new job. With thousands of jobs across every marketing discipline you can think of, we can guarantee that you'll find a company to match your wellbeing preferences. Whether you're a specialist in digital, content or creative (to name a few) we'd love for you to find your perfect role on here. Good luck and remember to keep active!