6 Reasons Why You Should Work In The Public Sector

Written by: Laura Chetcuti
Published on: 22 Sep 2016

Public sector

Have you ever considered a marketing job in the public sector? Many public sector organisations are desperately seeking private sector talent and you could be the answer to some of their most hard to fill roles! If you’ve been thinking about moving into a public sector role for a while but haven’t quite taken the plunge with it yet maybe these points will give you good reason to:


Make a difference

Don’t we all want to feel a sense of purpose at some point in our lives in the way of making a difference to others? Most of us do! Whether we choose to run a race for charity or volunteer at the local hospital, many of us feel the desire to help others in some way. Working in the public sector is a great way to earn a living and achieve a sense of purpose and you’ll genuinely be able to have an impact, especially in a marketing role!


Good salary and financial transparency

Whilst some people may be put off by transparency around salary, we don’t see the big deal and we actually believe it to be a great thing. One of the major advantages of working in the public sector is getting paid fairly and well, alongside a clear trajectory of the salary you can expect moving forward – most certainly something you don’t always get in the private sector.



No more wondering where you go from here or feeling stuck in a dead-end position. One of the greatest advantages to working in the public sector is the structure that comes with it. There are many routes you can take once you’re in the public sector loop and most organisations have multiple levels. That being said, you can expect promotions and fresh opportunities on a fairly regular basis depending on the organisation and depending on how well you work. The public sector is particularly interested in retaining the fostered skills of their existing staff and that’s a fantastic culture to be a part of.



The public sector is big on the training front which could be a refreshing change from some private sector organisations, some of which may prefer the ‘throw you in at the deep end’ approach. The public sector feel a real duty and commitment towards developing their staff and take a lot of care and pleasure in nurturing their talent, so if you’re looking for a role where you’d like to learn more, the public sector is perfect for you.


Working atmosphere

In comparison to some of the more cut throat organisations of the private sector, the public sector is generally less demanding in terms of the working environment. This isn’t to say that the standards are not as high in the public sector as this definitely is not the case; however, the stark competitiveness of the private sector is somewhat absent.


Flexible working

The public sector are a million times better at recognising the personal circumstances of their employees than the private sector, so you’re more than likely to find you can take advantage of flexible working schedules when you take on a public sector role!


We’ve a lot of public sector clients who like to use our site for their marketing roles and they are really keen to hear from candidates with varied backgrounds. Whether you’ve been working in the private sector your entire career and looking for a change, or if you’re already a public sector worker and you’re ready for a move, we have a marketing job here for you!