5 Reasons Why You Should Work For A Startup

Written by: Laura Chetcuti
Published on: 12 Aug 2016

With more and more startups entering the business scene than ever before, why wouldn't you consider working for one? Well, we don't need to waffle here, so why don't you check out these 5 pretty amazing reasons:



Take a risk

So what if you fail. Failure is not a great word because it’s got negative connotations and you don’t really need that in life, I get it. But if you’re looking for a job right now, what have you realistically got to lose? You’re obviously not happy where you are so why not take this opportunity to unleash the risky beast? Even if you take the risk and fail, you’re going to have learnt a million more lessons than you would have had you not taken the plunge. Just do it!

You can truly be yourself now

All of these corporate, stuffy environments don’t really give you the opportunity to be your true self, particularly if you lean towards the creative side. The rules, the expectations and even the dress code can make it difficult for ones individuality to flow. Not knocking the corporate environment, but startups give you the opportunity to break away from that. In a startup, particularly early-stage, you help shape your work environment whilst the slate is clean. You know your impact and you find that you really care about the work you’re doing because you’re no longer just a number on the payroll.


You learn so much more

Everyone knows that in larger organisations, you’re pretty much always confined to the restrictions of your job description. There’s someone to do everything leaving little need for you to muck in unless you seriously push for it. At a startup you’re likely to have a go at doing a bit of everything at some point. The goal at a startup is not to simply fulfil your daily task list then clock off for the day. The goal is to contribute in making that business succeed, so your sense of purpose is much greater. As the company grows, you’ll find that you grow into the role that’s right for you.


You get more responsibility and autonomy

Responsibility and autonomy are two things that many people crave in their careers but few actually get the opportunity to experience. In a startup you’ve got real responsibility. You’ve been brought on board to help that business get to where they want to be. Another thing you get in a startup is autonomy and more collaboration. Forget about the days where your boss checked up on you every five minutes and you’re trapped in a whirlwind of reviews and meetings about other meetings. Startups are all about being on the same page and helping eachother out. You have a voice.


You will learn from true innovators

I mean what a fantastic environment to be in. People who take the risk to start their own business have a completely different professional makeup to those who don’t. It doesn’t make others inadequate by any stretch, but these people are the true innovators of our generation. Entrepreneurs are some of the best people to learn from. They approach problems differently and are constantly searching for fresh solutions and new ways of doing things.


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