5 Reasons To Quit Your Job In 2017

Written by: Laura Chetcuti
Published on: 3 Jan 2017

New Job 2017

It's a new year and a time for new beginnings. It's littered all over social media. You can't get away from the flurry of resolutions, from the routine to the outlandish, everybody seems to be making them. As always, people are taking the New Year as an opportunity to change and improve. Whatever it is, the New Year shouldn't just be about quitting smoking and avoiding alcohol for a month. It should get you thinking about your priorities and what better place to start than your job? 

It's all too easy to stay in a job for an easy life, but perhaps it's time for a transformation. Research currently shows (according to reports on the radio this morning) that 3 out of 5 of us are planning on quitting our jobs in 2017. Ouch. 

 If you identify with any of the following points, maybe you should take the New Year as an opportunity to do something about it:


You spent your entire Christmas and New Year worrying about your return

This isn't normal in my opinion. If you've spent your entire break worrying about returning to work, you need to find a new job. Aspects of your work should be daunting but in a positive way (daunting might not be the right word) such as taking on new projects, meeting high profile clients or simply taking on new responsibilities. It's natural to feel slightly apprehensive about those things. They're exciting nerves. Crippling yourself with anxiety and shedding physical tears before stepping foot in the office is totally abnormal and requires drastic action. You need to get out. NOW. 


You're bored

You shouldn't be bored at work! You should feel engaged and challenged in whatever role you're in. That's a good job. If you're happy to undertake a boring job, fine. It's probably not all that boring for you. But if you acknowledge your boredom and it's becoming a problem for you, you need to find something else to do with your time. You spend the majority of your life working so make those hours count for something. 


You no longer feel challenged 

A successful career means breaking out of your comfort zone and doing something that will challenge you in more ways than one. You can never expect to progress in every sense of the word if you're not improving and broadening your skills and sometimes this really is up to you to take on yourself. 


You hate your boss

This sounds stupid but it's a really good reason to decide to jump ship. It also helps you leave in the first place as you're unlikely to have any form of emotional attachment to your role. Hating your boss is not something you should speak of with pride, it's a situation you shouldn't be in in the first place, plus if you hate your boss, chances are they probably don't think much of you either. 


You're underpaid

Money isn't everything, but you also have a life to live outside of office hours. How can you expect to save for a deposit for a house if you're being underpaid? How can you enjoy your life outside of work when you don't have enough money to afford it, because let's be honest, unless you own a business or you work for yourself, you work to live, you don't live to work!


There are hundred of reasons as to why one should quit a job of course, but perhaps our top 5 gives you a bit of initial jobseeker inspiration. Deciding to launch yourself into a job search is a huge decision, but when you're doing it for the right reasons, it should be a breeze. Take your time, figure out what you want and find a job that suits you better.

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