5 Lasting Benefits of Networking

Written by: Simon Lewis
Published on: 14 Mar 2011

How to make the most of your everyday conversations and what events can do for your brandNetworking

You attended a conference and met some new contacts.  You’re on the train and start chatting with another customer about your job and exchange business cards.  Whether you know it or not…you’re networking.

Networking is something that is always mentioned in conjunction with your career.  And it’s often that networking will help you develop it further, whether in terms of a new job, opportunities within an existing one or the progression of someone entirely new.

Here are a few reasons to take networking seriously and why networking events for marketers are so popular:

1. Developing additional knowledge & skills

Meeting new people in your field helps you learn more about your industry. You’ll be exposed to different points of view and other people who have years of knowledge and experience. A professional network is also a great source of feedback when you need advice.

Let others help you by listening and interacting with those in your network.  Learn from other’s mistakes and successes.

2. Creating mutually beneficial relationships

Not only can networking help you gain valuable skills and knowledge, but you can help others as well. You should strive to help others by sharing your skills, expertise and knowledge with them.  In today’s social environment, where altruism is rewarded, there is no better place to do this than in a room full of like-minded people.

These relationships come in handy when you’re looking to make a job or career transition, need feedback or advice, or just need to bounce ideas off of a professional that you trust.

3. Additional sources of support and information

Networking contacts can be experienced professionals and have a wealth of knowledge that you may not have. They likely have had different experiences than you and can provide a unique point of view on issues that concern you.

By building a strong network, you automatically have people ‘on your side’ that help spread good information about you and your business.  And who doesn’t want that?

4. Building and maintaining your personal brand

Networking helps you establish your personal brand online and in-person.  People will get to know you and trust you and look to you for guidance and information.  Projecting an image of confidence, knowledge and passion could mean the difference between scoring a great success and not.

5. Boosting your self-esteem

Humans are a social species; it’s in our DNA to socialise and make new friends.  Transcending this into your business life will help boost your self-esteem and make you feel like you’re well-respected in your field. It can make you happy to have a full network of individuals that can help you out and vice versa. It can also benefit your career.

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