4 Reasons Every Freelancer Needs A Blog

Written by: George Campbell
Published on: 24 Feb 2014

blog bulbWhen working as a freelancer, it is crucial that you establish a platform through which you can effectively market your services.  In this instance, having your own blog provides you with an interactive medium through which you can communicate with a vast amount of prospective clients and potential employers, therefore solidifying your professional online status.

1. Online resources are vital to generate exposure

Your own blog is a vital online resource which can significantly elevate your online reputation as a freelancer.  For example, copywriters and designers use blog sites such as WordPress to advertise their creative services.  If you have your own blog, you can affiliate yourself with larger sites which are relevant to your avenue of freelance work, in order to consolidate your online status and generate more traffic to your blog.  You can capitalize upon your blog in order to enable prospective clients to view your services on an interactive and professional platform. As a result, they will be more likely to seek your services and recommend your blog to other potential clients.

2. You must update regularly

When maintaining your blog, it is advisable you regularly update with consistent, relevant posts which highlight your unique freelancing services. Update your blog with topics relevant to your line of business, as well as integrating multimedia images and video links into your blog to pique reader interest. If your followers are intrigued and captivated by your posts, they will be more likely to seek your services or share your blog with others. You need to be able to personalize your blog with various themes and designs, all of which will make your freelancing services stand out from the vast majority of other blogs which exist upon the internet.

3. Integrate your blog

It is recommended that you integrate your blog with all of your existing social networking sites, in order to publicize your freelancing services to a wide variety of potential clients and employers. Therefore, each time you write a post on your blog, it will be promoted by all of your various social networking sites, therefore increasing your online presence exponentially. Ultimately, the more online traffic you can generate towards your blog, the more efficiently you can promote your freelancing services to a wide range of clients.

4. Use Google

Once you have established your blog, it is highly recommended that you invest in a Google+ profile in order to have access to Google Authorship. Google Authorship permits Google users to establish a verified connection between their Google+ profile and any original online content they may have, such as blog posts.  This can be a highly lucrative opportunity for you to publicise your blog to a large network of potential followers, in order to increase online traffic to your site.  Moreover, within Google Authorship, you can also capitalize upon Google Author Rank.

Author Rank enables Google to generate a score for each online author in each of the topic areas about which they publish content. These scores affect search rankings for content for each of the author’s chosen topics.  Therefore, Author Rank enables Google+ profile users to be verified as content producers, which can be highly lucrative when promoting your freelancing services.

The higher your Author Rank, the more likely followers will trust your authority and credibility in your freelancing capabilities, and subsequently they will be more likely to seek and recommend your services.

The bottom line – You need a blog

Fundamentally, having your own blog enables you to effectively promote your freelancing services to a wide variety of potential clients and employers in an accessible and professional manner.  You can interact immediately and efficiently with various online communities, update your services and credentials regularly, and remain informed of the machinations of your relevant industry. Business is rapidly becoming integrated with technology and online social networking.  In order to sustain and develop a successful long term freelancing career, it is vital that you remain incorporated and operational within this business process. A blog can provide you with this invaluable professional networking opportunity.


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This article was written by George Campbell, a freelance writer from Birmingham, England, UK. George has been a teacher for four years and he loves writing about education, but he is versatile and also writes across a variety of other topics. You follow George on Twitter and Google+.


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