3 Ways To Market Your Employer Brand To Generation Z

Published on: 29 Nov 2017

Gen Z

Many of them may presently be wrestling with the struggles of the terrible teenage years. Curfews. Parental conflicts. Badly drawn eyebrows. REVISION. But Generation Z are racing through the ranks quicker than the fatigued twitch of an eye and now is the time for businesses to get to grips with how to captivate the world's most anticipative generation.

Born into a new form of digitized economy, the first of any generation in history to do so, it is said that 37.8% of Gen Z have hopes of ‘inventing something that will change the world’ (Sparks & Honey, NY) and they truly believe that this is an achievable goal. With the oldest representatives of this cohort currently enjoying the treat of their early twenties, the promises that Gen Z can make to businesses, and especially to today's modern marketers, fall into the region of billions of pounds.

You don't have to look far to see the valuable contribution that Millennials have made to the business landscape in what is still a relatively short space of time. Bear in mind that Millennials themselves saw personal computers enter the family home for the first time, mobile phones become a necessity and experienced the evolution of social media (the good, the bad and the ugly!) Children as young as 3 are now using iPads like they're second nature so imagine what they'll be capable of doing in 15 years time? Things that even us Millennials can't comprehend will come to fruition over the next 20 years and it's something we should be enthusiastic to witness and hopefully be a part of.

In an article on the subject on the New York Times website, Lucie Greene, the Worldwide Director of the Innovation Group at J. Walter Thompson, describes Generation Z as “millennials on steroids.”

Lucie says, 'Millennials, after all, were raised during the boom times and relative peace of the 1990s, only to see their sunny world dashed by the Sept. 11 attacks and two economic crashes, in 2000 and 2008. Theirs is a story of innocence lost. Generation Z, by contrast, has had its eyes open from the beginning, coming along in the aftermath of those cataclysms in the era of the war on terror and the Great Recession'.

She makes an interesting point. So what can you do as an organisation to attract the top talent Generation Z has to offer?

Prioritise experience over 'things'

This generation looks to invest in quality experiences over physical things. They see the value in experience and they understand the long game. As a recruiter, this is where telling your story is an absolute MUST. Your offering needs to be deep, varied and colourful. Growing up in a completely digital world with every modern technology possible at their fingertips, this is a generation that WILL and CAN be selective with their choices. If you offer development, progression, responsibility and purpose, you'll be better placed to attract these guys than if you offer none of this. All the money in the world can't buy the experience that Generation Z desperately desires.

Emphasis on impact and the social good

With 37% of this generation holding out hopes of inventing something that will radically change the world, you won't have any joy in attracting them without promoting their worth to your organisation. Offering the chance to come in and make a real impact is like gold dust for Gen Z. Additionally, they're an incredibly philanthropic bunch, and whilst Millennials want to make that difference and have started to carve that path, Generation Z are far more pragmatic in their approach. A good way to cater to this is by weaving your 'social good' strategy into your attraction plans and hoping for the best.

Humanise your business

We get it. A corporate organisation is a corporate organisation but you're not fooling anyone. Everyone is human. Everyone has emotion and everyone likes to let their guard down every once in a while. The 'human touch' is becoming so much more of a 'thing' in modern business, and the formalities of the past are slowly confining themselves to the thick brick walls of the country's financial institutions, but even in there you hear of reform. People want to work for people. Work is more accessible than it ever has been before. With flexible hours and  an increase in the 'work when you want, where you want' mentality, if you're really looking to attract the best talent and future innovators, you need to embrace these changes too.

Don't be fooled, recruiting graduates and other Generation Z professionals whether they are apprentices, entry level or (scarily) experienced hires is no simple feat, but if done well, can work wonders for your organisation. To read more industry news and insights, read our blog! If you're ready to put the feelers out and dip your toes in our graduate and entry level talentpool, check out your options