25 Behaviours That Indicate It's Time To Leave Your Job

Written by: Laura Chetcuti
Published on: 1 Feb 2016

Quit Your Job

Most of us have been in a situation before where we are literally HATING life at work. It's not fun. Sometimes roles and businesses just aren't meant to be. It's the bad experiences that teach us to appreciate the good ones right? Check out these 25 behaviours that could indicate it's time for you to make a move... 


1. You cry on office premises at least once a week



2. You get the Sunday Fear...every Sunday




3. You procrastinate for an unacceptable period of time



4. Conversations with your friends and family revolve around you and how much you hate your job #boring




5. You can’t sleep and have traumatising nightmares about work




6. You’ve got a constant cold = stress




7. Your alcohol consumption has increased dramatically




8. You're binge-eating like nothing anyone has ever seen before




9. You’re arguing with co-workers and feel you’re losing control of your LIFE




10. You’ve been in the same company, in the same position without any advancement or promotion for at least 5 years



11. You’re bored




12. You aren’t learning anything new, because quite frankly, you don't want to



13. You’re surrounded by a mass exodus



  14. Headhunters won’t leave you alone



  15. You throw sickies at least once a fortnight



  16. You know you’re not reaching your full potential




17. You’ve got a dragon for a boss



  18. No one wants to be your mate



19. You take your office stress home



20. You hate the core aspects of your job




21. Your performance is declining




22. Your heart isn’t in it anymore




23. You’ve lost all trust in your organisation




24. You’re miserable




25. You don’t believe in the dream anymore



If anyone has been affected by the scenarios displayed in this article and work in marketing (and related disciplines), please click here for HELP.