23 People Who've Had A Worse Day Than You Have

Published on: 18 Jan 2017

Cannot do brain

The Monday just gone has now been named “Blue Monday”, something I must confess I’ve never heard until this year, but it was supposedly the most depressing day of the year. Personally, I had a great day Monday. No dramas. No tears. No pain. But of course, Twitter was flooded with negativity, complaints about lives and stories of the terrible things that were occurring that day. It was the attention seekers dream but for most to witness, it was just awful. If anyone had stayed on Twitter long enough on Monday they’d have probably required 5 hours in a dark room with 10mg of valium, a bottle of Gordon's and a visit from the Teletubbies. The truth is, we all have bad days. The bad days aren’t confined to specific dates throughout the year, it’s just life and things happen. January is apparently the most depressing month of the year so you might be sat at your desk pleading with yourself to stay awake, force a smile and actually do some work. But it can’t be so bad can it? At least you’ve got a job! If you think you’re having a bad day at the office today, at least you’re not…


This guy


Or this one


Or her


Or her

Girl Dog Pee


Or Ariana Grande


This penguin


This cat


The recipient of this

Lottery Ticket


Kevin on his first ever grocery shop without mum


This family

Family drop kid


Amanda Thripp on her first day at school


Abigail when she's old enough to understand the consequences of her actions 



Regina George when she found out she’d been eating JUST carbs for like, a year


Ross Gellar in most social situations


The victims of these toffee onions 

Toffee Onions


The owner of this car


And this one

Cement Car


And most probably this one too

Wasp Car


Jennifer Lawrence at the Oscars


This bride



The person who tried to fix this printer



An employee in this particular place of work

Fecal matter


This little guy who represents 95% of the UK workforce at some point throughout the working year. We've all been there...

Cat do dumb

So there you have it. If none of those make you feel better about your bad day in the office, I salute you. 

If it's so bad that you think it's time to look for a new job and you work in marketing, then you've landed on the right page! Check out all of the latest marketing jobs and apply today. Misery breeds misery and you probably deserve more than that.