19 Miracle Tips To Energize Your Agency Brand

Written by: Laura Chetcuti
Published on: 20 Oct 2015

Agency-side Marketer

Agency-side marketers. Ever pondered over what you can implement in order to award your agency brand the boost it so desperately desires from a marketing perspective?

We partnered with OnTheEdgeLive for their recent agency-side event, and were offered the benefit of hearing from agency-side leaders across a comprehensive breadth of topics including data, content, business development and the customer journey.

We are determined to convey as much of the remarkable stuff we heard and discovered at the event, to our agency-side community, so that if you couldn’t make it, you can hopefully still benefit from the information shared. There was such a remarkable amount of material packed into each of these presentations, that we have shared them with you. Make sure you take the time to have a read through them because there is SO much to be absorbed from each one and we couldn’t pack every single slide into this article because that would just be…well…silly!

‘How Agencies can leverage Technology to cover the full Customer Journey’

Per Caroe - Global Digital Agency Lead - IBM Marketing Cloud

 All the way from the United States, Per got everyone warmed-up with his fabulous presentation which was all about using technology to create a great customer journey. To view Per’s full presentation, click  on the slide below:


Per Caroe - Agency Slide 1


Per’s five top tips to juice your Christmas campaigns:

  • Make your emails mobile-friendly
  • Cart and browse abandonment remarketing are no longer optional
  • Make it EASIER to buy
  • Use content and white space to break the holiday email monotony
  • Use mobile and web push notifications


‘How Agencies Differentiate themselves with their Data Insight’

Luis Vareta - Senior Marketing Manager - Data Analytics – DigitasLBi

Luis’ presentation was so full of good STUFF that it warrants an article to itself! He spoke about how to use data insights to leverage and promote your agency brand. To view Luis’ full presentation, click on the slide below:

Luis Vareta Agency Slide 1

Luis’ top five takeaways:

  • Embrace data from proposition to DNA
  • Don’t go for the data fad, laser focus on clients’ problems
  • Build your unique value with assets
  • Think of products and partnerships
  • Exude your value with targeted papers, events and employees


‘The Agencies Guide to Inbound Marketing’

Clodagh Higgins - Senior Channel Consultant – HubSpot

For all the content marketers out there, Clodagh’s presentation was second to none in explaining the value of inbound marketing techniques and the content life-cycle. She explains why inbound marketing makes your clients happier and ultimately earns all of you agency-side marketers more money! To view Clodagh’s full presentation, click on the slide below:

Clodagh First Slide


Clodagh’s top five takeaways:

  • 12 blogs per month = 55% more traffic.
  • Understand your buyer personas before you do anything.
  • Deliver content that is truly valuable to your audience.
  • Say “so what” to every page on your website as if you’re looking through the eyes of your audience. If you can’t answer that, take it down!
  • Use content to personalise.


‘Behavioural Tricks for New Business Persuasion’

Ringo Moss – Strategist – Positive

Ringo rounded the half-day conference off with his presentation, which was all about understanding cognitive biases to your advantage when it comes to business development and winning new clients. To view Ringo’s full presentation, click on the slide below:

Ringo Moss Agency Slide 1


Ringo’s top four takeaways:

  • Picture superiority effect: present ideas and concepts using imagery
  • Peak end rule: people don’t perceive the sum of an experience, rather an average of how it was at the peaks. Keep peaks high and end with a bang!
  • Primacy/recency effects: always be last or first.
  • Von Restorff effect: in all communications with new clients, make sure you STAND OUT. A list of 10 unusual descriptors is a good place to start.

As you can see, there was literally so much information packed into this half-day conference, that this post is likely going to require some follow-up on each topic just to try and do real justice to each one! However, we hope you can draw some jaw-dropping inspiration from what you find in the presentations and that it sends you on the way to supercharging your agency brand TODAY!