18 Ways To Fail A Job Interview By Donald Trump

Written by: Laura Chetcuti
Published on: 20 Oct 2016

Donald Trump

With the United States Presidential Election a sizzling hot topic worldwide, we really felt strongly that some lessons could be learned from this year's presidential candidates. This week we've got Donald Trump in the spotlight. I think the title of this article makes what's to follow pretty self-explanatory...


How would your boss and co-workers describe you?


What do you know about the company?


What do you like to do outside of work?


Do you have any questions for us?


What can you offer us that someone else can not?


What are you looking for in a new position?


Would you work 40+ hours a week?


Why are you leaving your current job?


Why are you looking for a new job?


Why was there a gap in your employment?


Tell me how you handled a difficult situation.


What are your salary requirements?


What would your first 30, 60, or 90 days look like in this role?


What would your direct reports say about you?


What are your weaknesses?


What gets you up in the morning?


What do you like the most and least about working in this industry?


How would you fire someone?