16 Company Perks That You Need In Your Life

Written by: Laura Chetcuti
Published on: 17 Aug 2016

Duvet Day

Many businesses, particularly the newbies on the scene and especially within the more creative and technological spaces, make a point of offering their employees some of the coolest perks available. In today's job market, we've seen a particular pattern within the startup arena as fresh new businesses work hard to compete with bigger more established organisations, so we thought we'd share some of the quirky little perks we've come across as of late. Does your business currently offer anything out of the ordinary to its employees? 



A slide – Mind Candy


A beer allowance – BrewDog


A wine allowance – Naked Wines


Beauty treatment Wednesdays – CathKidston


A naughty room – Mendeley


A massage room – essensys


A 'no asshole' rule – Redgate


Love letters and poems – Higgidy


A monthly cake day – Culture Amp


Climbing club – Panaseer


Bottomless Nutella – Bouncepad


Office robot cleaner – CANDDi


Monthly haircuts in the office – Neverbland


A monk – Yieldify


A fairground – The Beans Group


Free weekly french lessons – BlaBlaCar


If you're embarrassed by the lack of perks and quirks that your business has to offer, it's CLEARLY time for you to spread your wings. Nothing wrong with looking is there? Check out all of our super awesome marketing jobs here!