14 Funniest Job Interviews Of All Time

Written by: Laura Chetcuti
Published on: 23 Aug 2016

If you're feeling a bit sheepish about a job interview at the moment, or if you're in the throws of jobseeking, this collection of 14 interviews might help you feel slightly better about yourself:




3 Lessons

Don't call your former boss a liar

Don't enquire as to whether you can install a camera in the ladies toilets

Don't high-five your interviewer (as a general rule)


3 Lessons

Make sure you've done your research on the 'business'

Don't lie about how long you were with your previous 'business'

'CV broke' is not an excuse for being late


3 Lessons

Don't, under any circumstances, kiss your interviewer on the cheek unless you know them personally

If you've made mistakes, acknowledge them and turn them into positives

Be careful where you put your hands



3 Lessons

Rope in a mate that has exceptional acting talent

Act cool 

Smile and wave


3 Lessons

Exhibit a little enthusiasm

Don't describe the role you're looking for as 'relaxing'

Don't ask stupid questions when asked if you have any questions


3 Lessons

Try not to say anything controversial 

Find common ground

Don't give up - it might not be a lost cause 


3 Lessons

Special skills: I do voices - might not work for most job interviews. Auditions for acting roles yes. 

Understand your audience

Assess the situation immediately and know your 'banter' boundaries


3 Lessons


Don't flap around questions that throw you 

Take advice from your own past interviews


3 Lessons

Don't tell your interviewer you've never heard of their company. They will have at least expected a Google

Dress appropriately

Be honest. Employers value honesty even if it's something you think they don't want to hear


3 Lessons

Don't bring your step-brother into the interview. Or brother. Or sister. Or any family relation

Get the interviewer's name right

Flatulence is not acceptable


3 Lessons

'I'm looking for the least possible amount of responsibility' - not a good line

Citing experience from 20 years ago might not get you too far 

Turning up with a cigarette in hand won't give off the best first impression


3 Lessons

Keep calm if you find yourself in a situation you can't cope with 

Don't get too comfortable too quickly, remember you're still in an interview

'Call security, there's a crazy guy out in the hall' is always going to be a red flag


3 Lessons

Don't scream your name when asked

Joint interviews (assessment days in most cases) are always going to be challenging. Let other people speak

A recap at the end of the interview is a great way to round up the session


3 Lessons

Don't go for an interview at a place you don't want to work

Don't discuss the interviewer's wife

Don't swear 


If you're looking for a marketing job at the moment, we hope some of these lessons, both good and bad, have given you the little slice of confidence you needed to go ahead and ace some interviews. Check out all of our live marketing jobs here!