12 Reasons Why You Should Relocate To Dubai For Work

Written by: Laura Chetcuti
Published on: 16 Dec 2015


Thinking about relocating to Dubai for work? Whether you are looking to go for a few months, a year or even a lifetime, check out these 12 fabulous reasons why you SHOULD make that move! 


1. Ideal Location

There are no bones about it, Dubai’s location is UNREAL. Slap bang in the middle of Europe and Asia, living in Dubai would literally open up the entire world of opportunity where travel is concerned.  Never again will you disregard Australia as a valid option for your winter trip and romantic hotspots such as The Maldives and The Seychelles are a mere 4hrs flight away! If you enjoy travelling, living in Dubai, even for just a year will save you shed loads of cash on airfares. 

Flight times from Dubai to Major Cities:

•    13hrs 45mins to Sydney
•    9hrs 20mins to Tokyo
•    7hrs 15 mins to Singapore
•    7hrs 50mins to Shanghai
•    7hrs 55mins to London
•    14hrs 35mins to New York 


2. Boredom Is Non-existent

If any city in the world could earn the accolade of ‘Least Boring Place to Live’, it would probably be Dubai. There is virtually nothing you can’t do in Dubai with good weather year-round; you never have to worry about rain destroying your long anticipated day at the races. The vast amalgamation of cultures means there is an unimaginable number of events, festivals and hobbies for expats to get involved with on a daily basis. 

You’ve got sun, sea, desert and the Middle East’s first indoor ski slope, with Dubai recently announcing plans to construct the world’s longest indoor slope, due for completion in 2020 bang in time for the World Expo, which Dubai is hosting for the first time.  And if Dubai is putting it on, it’s going to be HUGE! Whatever you’re looking for, Dubai will have it.

Love shopping? Dubai is home to the world’s largest shopping mall. Go crazy! 


3. The Land Of Opportunity 

The opportunity to do absolutely anything and everything with your career is endless in Dubai. There really are no limits in Dubai’s fast-growth landscape. Whether you are a professional looking for industry-specific work, possess a highly sought after skill or whether you’re an entrepreneur looking to start-up a business, Dubai is your oyster. 

There is a constant need for new services, goods and expertise in Dubai, so the career prospects are actually overwhelming. And for marketing and digital professionals the opportunities are immense, accentuated in no small part by the World Expo 2020. If you are looking for marketing jobs in Dubai, there is no better time to land an awesome position in this Arab Emirate.

 With aptly named districts such as Media City, Knowledge Village and Healthcare City it is fairly straightforward to figure out where you need to be searching. 


4. 365 Days of Summer

If the weather isn’t a good enough reason to move to Dubai for work, then we don’t know what is. Brits are forever moaning about the windy, rainy, cold, unreliable weather. If we had a penny for every time we’d heard someone complain about the weather we wouldn’t be sat writing this article. We’d probably be on a yacht somewhere, sipping our Dom Perignon Rosé and listening to Lionel Richie’s greatest hits whilst our chef rustles up a fillet (done rare) triple cooked chips and a peppercorn sauce with extra kick. 
Dubai has amazing weather all year round and it hardly ever rains. The reaction in Dubai when it rains is not unlike the reaction Brits have to snow. It becomes virtually pre-apocalyptic and everyone loses basic brain function for the full duration of the devastation! 

It may get too hot in the summer to step outside for more than 2 minutes at a time, but everywhere has air-con so you’re golden. You’re also literally golden! Think of your naturally effortless Dubai glow.

Planning a barbecue? No problem because you know that the weather is going to be on point! 


5. The High Life 

Dubai is pure luxury and it offers nothing less than top quality EVERYTHING. Opulence exists on every corner. 
Even if you can’t afford the best of the best, the lowest end of what Dubai has to offer is absolutely out of this world. Service everywhere is impeccable. From the food served in restaurants to the cleanliness of the pavements you just won’t get better elsewhere. You can try. But you won’t. 

The attention to detail observed in Dubai is almost superhuman making it an incredibly comfortable place to live. During your visits back home you won’t be able to stop observing bad service because you will constantly be comparing it to your pristine, first-class Dubai lifestyle. 


6. Tax-Free Income

Think about the figure you get on your pay slip BEFORE all the tax has been deducted. Voilà. There’s your Dubai salary. 
Everything you earn is yours to do with as you please. There is no tax on personal income in Dubai, but it is worth noting that, depending on the kind of lifestyle you decide to lead there, there are also expensive aspects of Dubai life. 
But don’t worry about that. Whatever you’re earning in the UK right now is going to be a whole taxman less than what you’d earn in Dubai on the same basic salary.  Plus, you’ll probably beat your current salary anyway! 

7. Unbeatable Benefits

Employers in Dubai know all too well that they need to offer the best of the best to retain top talent. Obviously, benefits vary from business to business and industry to industry but expect 30 days holiday, health insurance, paid plane tickets home and travel allowance as a minimum. 


8. A Multi-cultural Posse

The expat community is huge in Dubai. Emirati locals throughout the entire UAE are outnumbered by expats from varying countries 9 to 1. That’s huge.  According to data from the year 2012, there were 240,000 British expats living in Dubai, around the same as the entire population of Wolverhampton and bigger than the majority of British cities including Southampton, Oxford and The Isle of Wight (the whole Isle!). 

It’s not just Brits who are relocating to Dubai. Simply not being Emirati in Dubai is a great conversation starter so you will gain new friends fairly quickly. Moving to Dubai will earn you pals from all around the world, some of them for life. Your Dubai friendship group pretty much looks like a high value, better-looking version of the UN. 

Next time you fancy a trip to Mongolia just hit up Ganbaatar from HR and he’ll sort you out with a cosy corner in his great-Auntie Tsetseg’s Yurt! 


9. Expat-Friendly

Not quite the culture shock you’d expect, Dubai is full of home comforts to help you feel settled. There are endless activities on offer which are loved by Dubai’s expat community, one, in particular, being Friday Brunch, which offers participants unlimited food and alcoholic beverages for one fixed price. It’s safe to say you should stay away if you’re watching your figure! You’ll find Friday Brunch in every hotel in Dubai, each one offering different vibes, cuisines and locations for you to gawp at. 

The nightlife in Dubai for young professionals rivals that of some of the UK’s wildest cities. Starting around 9 pm and rocking into the early hours of the morning, the nightlife is no less than vibrant for British and other international expats who are looking to continue their social lives in the UAE. We could go on forever on the subject of expat-friendly Dubai, but hopefully, you get the gist. 

Religious? Dubai is a Muslim city, but they accept other religions and allow its residents to practice their faith freely. You can find churches and other religious houses for practically every denomination of most religions. 


10. English Is Virtually Second Language

At least 75% of Dubai’s population are expats from various countries and the fact that the English language is regarded as the Global Lingua Franca of the 21st century means it is used as a second language throughout the UAE and particularly in Dubai. 

Most workplaces in Dubai operate predominantly under the English language, so you should have no worries where language is concerned.  That being said, if you’d like to become a UAE citizen eventually (you’ll have to wait 20 years to apply), you’d need to learn fluent Arabic. It is common courtesy to learn a few key words and phrases in Arabic out of respect for the Emirati people. Dubai is, after all, an Arab Emirate and its local culture should be respected by the expat community. 


11. Crime-Free

In Dubai, you can land yourself a prison sentence for making rude gestures to fellow motorists in the comfort of your 2 seater vehicle during rush hour. The high level of deterrents that Dubai possesses surrounding even the mildest offences deters most criminals, making this city incredibly safe. You can genuinely leave iPhones, bags and wallets on tables. The likelihood of them getting snatched is miniscule. There is also a noticeable police presence in Dubai, so it’s no wonder that criminal acts are virtually unheard of in this polite, respectful city. 


12. You Can Get Takeaway. Everywhere. 

Imagine those moments. Sundays. The kind where you’ve just slipped into your pyjamas, fresh from a bath with a juicy roast in the oven and the Citizen Khan box-set on repeat. You’re about to put your stuffing in the oven when you realise you’ve got no red onion for your infamous, can’t-have-a-roast-without-them sweet potato wedges!? 

Horrifying. Mortifying. Distressing. 

The thought of having to peel off your pyjamas and return to the world of boots with socks for the miserable walk in the rain to the local Sainsbury’s fills you with sheer terror. You’re torn between the inevitable happiness you’ll experience with every last ingredient and the pain you’re going to feel when you begrudgingly drag your sorry self through the park, returning soaked, cold and depressed. 

This argument would never happen in Dubai. You can simply call the local supermarket, order whatever you like, and within a matter of minutes, they would be knocking on the door of your high rise with the goods in hand. Great for distressing moments. Terrible for the waistline. 

*Dubai delivers EVERYTHING. Not just red onions. 


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