12 Interview Tips To Help You Land Your Dream Job

Published on: 17 Oct 2017

interview tips

We found a fantastic thread on AskReddit where Reddit users offer the interview tips that helped them to land their dream jobs! Perhaps some of this career advice could come in handy when you're interviewing for your next marketing job...


Answer their questions

'Lots of people will start answering the question but never really finish because they go off on a tangent halfway through. It's frustrating as an interviewer to have to ask someone to get back on point, but it's also a little embarrassing for the candidate and it can throw you off your rhythm. I want to know the information because it's important. It also shows you listened to what was being asked of you and you delivered what was required.'


At the end of the interview, ask if they have any concerns about your CV, your interview answers or your application in general.

'It's a great way to see if there is anything they perhaps misunderstood or that you didn't explain well enough. I've asked this in every interview and in all but one it's given me some immediate feedback and the ability to allay any concerns they might have. For example, I once had someone say I interviewed great but they were concerned I lived too far away, something that didn't come up in the interview. I was able to then say I would be relocating.'


Eye contact 

'In my first couple of interviews I never really made a conscious effort to make eye contact with my interviewers. When I think back on it, I probably wasn't doing it nearly enough and it could have made me look less confident. Today, I make a clear effort to look my interviewer in the eye when I speak and I think it makes a huge difference.'


Be kind and sociable to all those you meet before the interview

'I made sure to put on whatever charm I could for the secretary, as well as another female employee in the front desk area. It actually turned into a nice 10 minute conversation, and without sounding too cocky, I think it helped me make a great first impression. If the people there can see themselves spending time in the office with you (i.e. working with you), it can only be a bonus for you.'


Make sure you know yourself

'All the research about the company is great advice and will help you immensely, but be sure that when the time comes you talk about yourself, and that you actually can do so. I find it very hard to "sell myself" in an interview, and very hard to actually speak about my accomplishments without feeling as though I am boasting. Make sure you practice doing this and feel comfortable with speaking about yourself without too many pauses to think about previous jobs, experiences, etc. as it sort of seems as though you haven't done anything that has stood out.'


Have confidence

'The goal in any job interview is to make the interviewer feel like THEY are losing something if they don't offer you the job. I have interviewed so many people in my life that think that being humble and projecting how badly they want the job is the way to go. It isn't. You aren't trying to get a job, you are trying to convince another human being that it would be stupid of them to let you walk out the door and not come back.'


Think before you speak

'Don't talk just to talk, silence does not need to be filled with rambling. Smile even when you're sitting waiting to be shown in for your interview. Thank them for the interview. Study the company. Find one of those 50 interview question lists, write your answers down, then practice in the mirror. Don't lie. If they ask you something and the straight up answer makes you look like crap, turn it towards a good thing. Preparation is key and pausing before you begin your answer will ensure a measured and concise response.'


Show a little enthusiasm

'Seriously put some emotion into your voice when you talk about why you want the job. Get some excitement going! Don't act like a hyper chipmunk, but you know, really sell the idea that you want the job and are so jazzed about the opportunity that you'll try harder and care more than other applicants.'


Don't Lie, Don't BS

'If they ask you "Are you familiar with - task you've never heard of -", just pretend it's a friend asking you the same question. Say, "No, what is it?" Then continue to go on about how you're familiar with something similar. Give them examples where you did that similar process or used a related skill. The truth is that when you are talking about something you're not comfortable with, you will come across as awkward, and partially deceptive/evasive. Think of it this way... if they were asking you questions about your favourite movie, would you still be nervous?'


Mirror the interviewer

'Mirroring is one of the most useful tactics I've learned. People are often nervous about how to sit or stand. Should I cross or uncross my legs? Should I sit forward or lean back? Should I put my hands on the desk? My trick is to mirror the interviewer. If there are multiple interviewers pick the most senior and/or most involved in the interview and sit how they sit. Cross your legs if theirs are crossed. If they are sitting up with hands on the table, do the same. This makes it easier to be natural and helps maintain a similar energy.'


Admit you have a lot to learn

'I played up my strong suits, but I admitted 'I have a lot to learn, but I want to' and I think a fresh look at things is what we need to be successful. In the 2nd and 3rd interviews I had done my homework and written up an action plan for when I started; process reviews and improvements I could already see we could do easily. I also included a plan for my training so that I could learn what I didn't already know. I asked as many questions as possible in interview 1 and when I had to interview higher up I had the answers and more.'


Pretend the interviewer is one of your friends

'I have no sales experience and just went in and landed a job at Audi. What really helped me was changing my mindset that this person was my friend. I acted as if he was an old friend and we were meeting in a professional setting. It helped give me confidence, maintain eye contact and keep the overall atmosphere light. It can be a difficult thing to grasp at first but if you practice treating everyone in that manner it will come with time. Even day to day encounters with strangers become interesting and you will leave a lasting impression.'


So there you have it, some really sound and interesting interview advice from the users of Reddit; check out the thread here. Do you feel like you can walk into your next interview with a bit more confidence now? Sometimes, it's important to quite simply believe in yourself when it comes to finding yourself a new marketing job. The market is so competitive and it really does take so much more to stand out now than just having the skills required for the job. Attitude, culture fit and willingness to learn are all important factors to consider. For more interview tips, career advice and marketing jobs take a browse of the site. Whether it's marketing jobs in Londoncommunications roles in Manchester or digital vacancies in Leeds, we've got something for everyone!