11 Things That WILL NOT Impress Your Interviewer

Written by: Laura Chetcuti
Published on: 26 Sep 2016

Interview tips

You may think you're the King of 'banter', but truth be told, not everyone gets you. Not everyone finds you that funny, least of all 'The Interviewer'. You can't blame them! We aren't all racing through life on the same wavelength and sometimes, between two people, it's just not meant to be. It's natural. The best advice we can give you in an interview situation is to try and be the least offensive version of yourself that ever lived. Try not to...


Turn up drunk 


This is an obvious no-no, I don't even know why anyone would dream of doing this. You may think you're great when you're drunk, but 95% of people think you're revolting. I can guarantee the interviewer doesn't think much of you either.


Get distracted 

You're in an interview...how can you possibly get distracted? You should be ON IT, engaged and inquisitive not gormless, pre-occupied and uninterested. If you're like this in an interview god only knows what you'll be like on the job and so does the interviewer. 


Make stupid comments

This doesn't go down well with many people in regular, run of the mill social situations, so as you can imagine, it's roughly twelve times worse in a job interview!


Be too honest

We are huge advocates for honesty being the best policy, but there is definitely such thing as being too honest. Jobs are like relationships. Give too much too early and you're going to scare them off. Teach them to love you unconditionally before the grand reveal of your more, shall we say, obnoxious traits.



You're probably not as dumb as you think you are so for crying out loud don't panic about it! You've got as far as an interview. Unless they are really REALLY desperate, they've already seen something they like, so just calm down. Panicking really helps in interviews! Said nobody, EVER.


Come across as arrogant 

This is a major turn-off in life. No one wants to employ your insufferable ego as an added extra - it's likely far too expensive, too labour-intensive and would probably end up as a key witness in a murder investigation.


Crack awful, inappropriate jokes



Threaten the interviewer

It's not an ideal situation to say the least. Not every job is going to be the job for you and if they don't want you, so what? This kind of desperate, threatening behaviour is bizarre and worth a good 35 minutes on the naughty step because that's clearly where you belong.


Rely on looks and charm

There's no denying that there are some questionable characters in business who (wrongly) base their decisions on ones appearance and apparent charm, but don't even try this one. It's a huge devaluation of yourself and everything you've achieved in your career and it completely undermines your credibility. If your interviewer is this shallow then let them be shallow. They will be what they will be but you've no need to behave with such little dignity. 


Be creepy

Just don't.


Sit in silence for dramatic effect

The idea of an interview is that you speak throughout. It doesn't matter how shy you are, say something ANYTHING. Not anything. But you know. 


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