10 Reasons Why London Is A Great Place To Live And Work

Written by: Laura Chetcuti
Published on: 8 Feb 2016


We’ve delivered articles in the past couple of months on both Dubai and Malta and the reasons why both would be a great place to live and work. Now we are turning our attention to our very own city LONDON, and why we think it’s a fantastic place to progress your career. London has won countless accolades for being the top place to work in the world, and it is said that 1 in 6 people desire a role in our capital. We think it’s time for us to shed the light on this beautiful, vibrant city and why it’s an incredible place to forward your career:


1.    Opportunities 

London being a huge city and a famous hub internationally for business, finance and the creative industries, is crammed full of amazing opportunities to help you progress your career. Whether you’re currently living abroad and considering London, or whether you’re from one of the UK’s smaller cities, London will definitely have the perfect role for you. 

London offers a wide range of job opportunities, whether you’re looking for your next corporate banking move or whether you’re searching for a role in a quirky tech start-up. It's a brilliant city to progress your career and progress it quickly, more so than anywhere else in the UK, so grab the bull by the horns if you've got ambition! 


2.    Creativity 

Awash with diverse cultures, London is second to none for the creative industries, with a plethora of opportunities in singing, writing, acting, art, design and photography. You’re more likely to make a bigger impact creatively in this city than in any other city in the UK because London literally lives and breathes the stuff.


3.    Easy Travel 

With an integrated travel system in and around the city, there is no shortage of travel options to get to where you need to be, whether you’re travelling on the tube, bus or overground rail. London’s tube shouldn’t leave you waiting for more than 3 minutes, provided there are no issues (which of course, with everything, do occur). 

If you love a European city break then London is the place for you. With a number of airports serving the city, including Heathrow – one of the busiest airports in the world – you are spoilt for choice where cheap travel is concerned. You can fly ANYWHERE from London. As well as a huge choice of airports, you have Kings Cross St Pancras which offers rail services to the likes of Paris and Belgium, as well as to the rest of the UK. 


4.    Beautiful History

Like many other European cities, London divulges its rich history at every street corner. With architecture still standing from the Roman, Tudor, Stuart and Victorian eras, you can’t possibly get bored sightseeing here, especially if you’re interested in your history.  


5.    Walk-able Distances

If you take the time to get to know London properly, you’ll realise that you don’t need to walk very far between one famous landmark to the next. It is a known fact that some tube systems actually deliver passengers to and from particular points slower than if one were to walk, so take advantage of the extra exercise and get out and about. 


6.    Beer 

It’s no secret that the UK has a slight reputation for enjoying a drink, and London boasts over 7000 pubs to accommodate both locals and tourists alike. The working culture in London sees most commuters travelling by train, tube or bus, which means there’s literally no excuse to say no to an after work tipple so get involved. 


7.    A Multinational Community

Almost 40% of London’s population was born outside of the UK, whether they grew up in London as children, or whether they have relocated to live and work. You can find virtually every nationality trampling the streets of the capital, with notable communities from the Indian, Turkish, Portuguese, French and Chinese nations.


8.    You Can’t Get Bored

How can you possibly get bored in a city the size of London, which virtually does not go to sleep? You can’t. Whether you’re into culture (London has 3 of the world’s top 10 museums), the pop up restaurant scene, food in general or whether you’re into a sophisticated round of afternoon tea and fancy a chance to pop a glance at our Queen, you’re going to be in good company here. A haven for the arts, London hosts an enviable number of galleries with regular exhibitions, as well as the likes of Banksy bedecking our walls and streets with poignant imagery. If you're looking for somewhere to get some inspiration, you've got it all down here. Clubs, bars, crazy golf and vintage bowling name just a tiny percentage of some of London's most popular activities. We could go on all day!


9.    You’ll Learn More About Life

Going it alone in London isn’t easy, we aren’t going to sugar coat that. Any big city is going to be a shock if you’re new in it, whether you’re already from the UK or not, but if you’re looking for some personal growth and development, a move to London could be the best thing you do. Let’s face it, London isn’t cheap…there is no way to make it sound cheap either. It’s expensive! So from budgeting wisely and navigating the transport system like clockwork, to mixing with the most diverse collection of backgrounds and cultures in the UK, you’re going to enrich your life experience in some way. Even if you just do it for a year, you’ll only gain some kind of perspective. Better than losing it right? 


10.    The Interesting Facts

We thought we’d finish off this short run down (it could literally take us an entire day to bang on about London!), with a few key facts:

  • 75% of fortune 500 companies have offices in London 
  • It’s illegal to be drunk in a pub…so almost every person in the UK, let alone London, has broken the law
  • London is home to 6 premier league football clubs
  • Of any city its size, London boasts the most amount of green space with 40% of its total area covered by lovely parks
  • It’s illegal to die in Parliament
  • It’s also illegal for a person who knowingly has the plague to ride on a bus…
  • If you love chicken, London has 100 Nandos restaurants for you to get your Peri Peri fix 


If you're looking for your next marketing job in London, you're in the right place. We carry marketing jobs from across the UK and Internationally, but there is no denying the high volume of roles we get in London, so get searching!