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  • This Year’s Top Digital Marketing Jobs

    • 2 Jul 2020

    We're all aware that the digital era is upon us so it's not surprising that Digital Marketing jobs are on the rise with new jobs being created to fill a digital need. Here are the 10 most advertised digital jobs from this year.

  • Designers are Dominating the Digital World

    • 31 Aug 2020

    It’s unsurprising that in the last few months we’ve seen a huge spike in jobs and applications within digital marketing but this month there has been a shift towards design, in particular digital design; UX and UI taking the top spots.

  • The Rise of the Remote Worker

    • 19 Jun 2020

    With more people working from home these past few months, it’s not surprising that people are beginning to look for jobs where they can work remotely.  Within the last year, searches for “remote jobs” has increased by 130% within UK Google searches.

  • Do you want killer insider info on your job advertising?

    • 2 Jun 2020

    This month we’ve seen a big shift in the jobs with the highest application rate. Last month we saw a huge rise in the number of digital roles applied for on our site. However, this month there has been a switch from digital buying roles to data, insight, and analytics roles. Never mind content, data is truly King!

  • Why You Should Be Advertising Your Digital Jobs Now

    • 29 Apr 2020

    With the business world turned upside down and the desperate need for ecommerce, this month we've seen an increase in job applications across the digital space.

  • October Job Posting Statistics

    What Jobs Should You Be Posting This Month?

    • 25 Oct 2019
    • Jane Ashdown

    As part of our Customer Service Promise, we want to keep you up to date with the latest stats within the recruitment industry so here are the best jobs to post at the moment to get the highest application results.

  • Hiring A Graphic Designer

    How To Hire A Graphic Designer

    • 20 Aug 2018

    When looking to hire Graphic Designers, Web Developers and other Creatives, not everybody fully understands what to actually look for and how to go about it.

  • 16 Recruiter Problems Memes To Brighten Up Your Day

    • 15 Mar 2018

    Recruitment is a tough gig, we get it. Some of us have even been there ourselves so we're not totally alien to some of the real struggles of a recruiter. These should make you giggle:

  • How To Effectively Market To The Multi-Platform Majority

    • 9 Mar 2018

    Whether you are looking for a marketing job or need to hire qualified professionals, the following information about multi-platform marketing will be useful.

  • What Traits Do You Need To Work In Recruitment?

    • 21 Feb 2018

    What initiates a successful rec-to-rec hire and what traits do recruiters look for when hiring other recruiters? Find out here in our interview with Trevor Pinder.

  • The Best Marketing Job For Your Star Sign

    • 5 Dec 2017

    We explore the 12 signs of the zodiac, what makes them tick at work and what marketing job they would be best suited to!

  • What Motivates An Early Employee To Work In A Startup?

    • 30 Nov 2017

    What is it that truly motivates early employees about working for a start-up? We'd love to hear your opinion, especially if you're working for a start-up at the moment,

  • The GDPR Effect

    • 3 Nov 2017

    Is your organisation ready for GDPR? Coming 25th May 2018, have you got your strategy in place? Find out more here...

  • 4 Tips To Implementing A Small Business Social Strategy

    • 26 Sep 2017

    A free tool that helps brands to engage with customers in many different ways, social media can make the difference between profit and loss. Businesses can share their latest products, any bits of information and answer any customers’ questions, but how can they make it work? The answer is to have a social media strategy, something even the smallest enterprise can do.

  • The Recruitment Leaders' Podcast

    • 7 Jul 2017

    Are you a recruiter who can't seem to find the time to keep up with what's current in the market? Then these podcasts are perfect for you!

  • Brand Recruitment's Annual Marketing Recruitment Review & Salary Survey

    • 27 Jun 2017

    Brand Recruitment releases annual Marketing Recruitment Review and Salary Survey, check it out here!

  • Have You Been Searching For A Golden Ticket?

    • 21 Jun 2017

    Been searching but not been lucky enough to find one yet? Well you're in luck! Check out the latest from #OMJgolden with this tasty offer...

  • How Do You Know If You’re Getting ROI From PR?

    • 13 Mar 2017
    • Tracey Barrett

    Media coverage gives you something no other form of marketing does.  Third party credibility. Want to find out if you're getting ROI from your PR efforts? Read this...

  • Recruitment Training, Culture And KPIs: With Lander Consultancy's Fiona Lander

    • 3 Mar 2017
    • Barclay Jones

    If you run a recruitment business, manage a recruitment team or are part of a recruitment training team, then this podcast is 100% for you!

  • EMR Salary & Market Trend Survey For Marketers 2017

    • 31 Oct 2016
    • Laura Chetcuti

    Take the EMR Salary & Market Trend Survey to help you to benchmark yourself within the marketing industry as well as discover the latest marketing careers trends.