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  • Designers are Dominating the Digital World

    • 31 Aug 2020

    It’s unsurprising that in the last few months we’ve seen a huge spike in jobs and applications within digital marketing but this month there has been a shift towards design, in particular digital design; UX and UI taking the top spots.

  • CV Animation

    How to Animate Your CV

    • 20 Aug 2018

    Do you want to create a CV that really makes an impact – one that will stand out and be remembered by employers who are working their way through hundreds? Most people try to do this by presenting their accomplishments, qualifications and experience more effectively – rearranging them on the page, using a different typeface, even including a picture

  • CVs Around The World: How Does Yours Measure Up?

    • 17 Jan 2018

    We stumbled across this brilliant infographic from Office Depot which delves into the world of CVs who provide some real insight into what's going on internationally: 

  • 6 Tips On How to Update Your CV

    • 17 Jan 2018

    We know that this is not one of the easiest aspects of the jobseeker journey, but to be honest, it’s probably one of the most important! We’ve come up with a few tips to help you get started and to hopefully give you the motivation you’re looking for:

  • What Do Marketing Job Titles Actually Mean?

    • 7 Nov 2017
    • Nicole Gray

    A straightforward A - Z of all the marketing job titles we have seen, from 'Champion of Discovery' to 'Web Architect'.

  • More about Morgs

    • 10 Oct 2017

    Introducing Morgs, our resident Resourcing Specialist for OnlyMarketingJobs. Having joined the team in June 2017, Morgs has made a huge impact on the recruitment process for a number of our clients. Find out more about Morgs here:

  • 5 Tips To Motivate You To Update Your CV

    • 18 Sep 2017

    If you’re struggling to find the motivation you need to do your CV justice, check out our 5-point guide to get you going and find your dream marketing job...

  • 5 Tips On How To Write A Personal Statement

    • 12 Sep 2017

    Crafting a personal statement can be one of the most difficult aspects of the job-seeking process, more so than the CV. Check out our top 5 tips to take into consideration.

  • 5 Tips To Creating A Job Winning CV

    • 28 Sep 2016
    • Laura Chetcuti

    We've compiled 5 simple tips that you can implement straight away in order to construct a CV to land you your next job. Check them out...

  • The Advantages of Constructing An Online Jobseeker

    The Advantages of Constructing An Online Jobseeker Profile

    • 20 Jan 2016
    • Laura Chetcuti

    It is more important NOW than ever before, to establish yourself as a professional in the digital space. We bring you 7 reasons why you will profit from creating a LinkedIn profile...

  • 15 Critical Mistakes You SHOULDN'T Make On Your CV

    • 1 Dec 2015
    • Laura Chetcuti

    The worst of the worst CV mistakes you can ever make. DON'T make any of these errors when it comes to writing your CV and land yourself that dream job!

  • Digital Marketing Jobs: What Do Recruiters Look For?

    • 22 Jun 2015
    • Gerald Heneghan

    The UK digital sector, and the field of online marketing in particular, have flourished over the past few years. In this guide, I'll try and give newcomers looking for a job in digital marketing a helping hand by highlighting some of the things people like me love, and hate, to see in a CV and covering letter.

  • 6 Ways To Ensure Your CV Beats The Bundle

    • 9 Feb 2015

    Employers receive hundreds of CVs and spend only a few seconds scanning them so it’s important to make sure that it’s succinct, relevant and sells your skills. Below are 6 tips to writing a successful marketing CV for the Professional Services sector (they are relevant to any sector).

  • The Art Of The Marketing Cover Letter

    • 13 Aug 2014
    • Nick Taylor

    You are not a patient person. If a writer hasn’t got a reader’s attention in the first sentence of a book or an article, most people won’t finish reading it.

  • 8 Ways To Bullet-Proof Your CV

    • 4 May 2014
    • Rebecca Gray

    In today’s challenging job market, making your CV stand out among hundreds or even thousands of others can be a real challenge.

  • 5 Shocking CV Mistakes

    • 25 Nov 2013

    You’d think that people applying for jobs would take care to avoid any silly mistakes that might stop them being called to an interview. Unfortunately, you’d be wrong.

  • How To Create A Career-Defining CV

    • 11 Nov 2013
    • Emily Carew-Gibbs

    We all know how vital it is to make a good first impression, and for a recruiter the first indication of star quality is the CV. So what kind of CV makes a stunning first impression and, conversely, what gives a bad one? Here, Emily Carew-Gibbs, specialist financial services marketing recruiter from Hudson, offers her advice on promoting yourself to prospective employers.

  • How Your Online Activity Can Build (Or Damage) Your Personal Brand

    • 19 Sep 2013
    • Sarah Leask

    Digital and social media is fantastic for building your personal brand. But remember, there is no place to hide.

  • Looking For A Job? Then Ditch Your Current One

    • 22 Jul 2013
    • Simon Lewis

    Looking for a job can be a full time job in itself. So when you’re trying to juggle work whilst looking over the fence to see if the grass is greener, it’s little wonder the excitement of new horizons soon turns into a landscape of muddled confusion.

  • The Most On-Point Job Application Ever?

    • 8 Jul 2013
    • Simon Lewis

    In this employment world of change of expectation, one thing remains consistent: the one that sounds out from the crowd usually wins out.