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  • 5 Easy Steps Towards Attracting Talent Based On Culture

    • 16 Mar 2018

    Adapting how you attract and recruit is the first step in ensuring you're attracting the right people for your organisation. We've come up with 5 tips to help you transform your process:

  • More about Morgs

    • 10 Oct 2017

    Introducing Morgs, our resident Resourcing Specialist for OnlyMarketingJobs. Having joined the team in June 2017, Morgs has made a huge impact on the recruitment process for a number of our clients. Find out more about Morgs here:

  • 19 Hilarious 'At An Interview' Tweets

    • 9 Sep 2016
    • Laura Chetcuti

    Check out this brilliant compilation of tweets based around THE INTERVIEW.

  • The Most On-Point Job Application Ever?

    • 8 Jul 2013
    • Simon Lewis

    In this employment world of change of expectation, one thing remains consistent: the one that sounds out from the crowd usually wins out.

  • The Rise And Rise Of User Experience In Marketing

    • 17 Apr 2013
    • Simon Lewis

    A steady increase in the number of User Experience (UX or UE) jobs advertised via prompted me to undertake some completely unscientific research.

  • 88% of hirers think turning up late for an intervi

    88% Of Hirers Think Turning Up Late For An Interview Is Acceptable

    • 2 Aug 2012
    • Simon Lewis

    Poor preparation is fine, poll reveals

  • Behaviours Of The Modern Jobseeker

    • 17 Nov 2010
    • Simon Lewis

    Today’s jobseeker is part of a tech-savvy and passionate group actively looking for lifestyle-accommodating work through social networking sites

  • Jobseekers Need To Learn A Little Respect

    • 19 Aug 2010
    • Simon Lewis

    How a recent show of benevolence was rewarded with a punch in the guts