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Julian Niman started originally selling and fixing CB radios from the back of his fathers jewellery business on Derby Street in Cheetham Hill, Manchester. It was here Julian learnt from his father how to run a business into the empire he has created today.


Everything changed when the Telecoms Act 1984 was introduced by the government. This new legislation allowed other businesses to begin selling approved fixed line telephones. With two way radios and telephones using similar technology Julian was one of the first to see the potential this could bring. It was here from the same Derby Street location that Nimans Ltd was formed. With the first employee taken on to manage the office Julian took to the road to buy and sell telephones.


It wasn’t long before Nimans Ltd outgrew the premises on Derby Street and we acquired new premises in Salford. As our business expanded we soon had to start buying additional neighbouring units to facilitate growth.


After more than 10 years at Broadway in Salford, we moved into our new multi million headquarters at Agecroft Road. This purpose built building brought all our teams together under one roof and also provided us with the much needed extra space in our warehouse. It was here we were able to switch things up a notch and improve our logistics operations. In an ever changing world we were able to move ahead of the times, with next day delivery on over 8,000 different products.


Rocom was established around the same time as Nimans and shared many of the same values, USP’s and knowledge base within the telecoms sector. Having been previously sold a few years prior, the new owners, ATC had decided to sell the Rocom brand on again. Despite years of rivalry between the two companies, Julian saw the opportunity to expand his operations in a high profile and dynamic way.


After the successful purchase of Rocom, it wasn’t long before we were looking to expand the business with another acquisition. When Videonations came along, Julian and the board knew this would be a strategic win for the Nycomm group as we could bring video conferencing to an already established customer database, plus gain a new set of customers to cross sell to.


In 2016 a unique opportunity arose for Nycomm to acquire Pennine. This acquisition was rather special for Julian as it brought his love of radio back into a more prominent fold for the business. Bringing Pennine into the Group gives Nycomm enhanced project capabilities and boosts our customer reach.

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