Interview Tips

  • 20 Great Interview Questions And Their Hidden Meanings
    Hopefully this will you an idea on what your interviewers might be looking for when asking questions and how you can answer them with confidence!
  • With the US presidential election being a hot topic worldwide, we really felt that some lessons could be learned from this year's presidential candidates. Donald Trump is up first...
  • You may think you're the King of banter but not everyone finds you that funny. Least of all The Interviewer...
  • We've taken a little ride through the world of TV and Film and hand-picked some of the industries funniest job interview scenes.
  • "First Dates"...what a show! A reality show created by social geniuses which sees struggling singletons meet blind dates in search of love!
  • The past twelve months has witnessed a dramatic increase in the number of marketing vacancies, emphasising the need for a strong marketing team as a staple for business growth.
  • A Top 10 guide to prevent you from bringing your nan, dressing like Bart Simpson and screaming Sir Alan at the panel in an interview.
  • An interview is an opportunity not only for the company to ascertain whether you’re the right candidate for them, but also your opportunity to gather as much information as possible about the role and firm’s fit for your immediate and long-term career goals.
  • A recent poll conducted by niche job advertising website,, has revealed that 35% of people would wait “as long as it takes” to be seen by their interviewer before leaving.
  • A job interview is something that pretty much all of us have been through at least once in our lives. I’m sure some of us have been through them numerous times. It can be a nerve-wracking, awkward and sometimes embarrassing experience.
  • A recent poll conducted on behalf of Brand Recruitment, asked when during an interview process is it best to discuss the package?
  • London Fashion Week was highly impressive all round, reports Keeley Watson, fashion consultant at niche retail and FMCG recruiter, Quest Search & Selection.
  • If you’re planning what to say in your job interview, take a look at these ideas from the guys at Mock The Week and see which best suit you. Hopefully none of them!
  • Employers often use psychometric testing to vet potential employees and help them understand a little more about your personality and ability to fit into the role they are offering – and this type of testing is becoming increasing popular.