Applying for a Job

  • What Do Marketing Job Titles Actually Mean?
    A straightforward A - Z of all the marketing job titles we have seen, from 'Champion of Discovery' to 'Web Architect'.
  • Crafting a personal statement can be one of the most difficult aspects of the job-seeking process, more so than the CV. Check out our top 5 tips to take into consideration.
  • It's a new year and the time for new beginnings and what better place to start making changes than your job? 
  • We spoke to three members of staff at fashion retailer bonprix about how their different career paths led them up to working in marketing in the fashion industry.
  • The UK digital sector, and the field of online marketing in particular, have flourished over the past few years. In this guide, I'll try and give newcomers looking for a job in digital marketing a helping hand by highlighting some of the things people like me love, and hate, to see in a CV and co...
  • Employers receive hundreds of CVs and spend only a few seconds scanning them so it’s important to make sure that it’s succinct, relevant and sells your skills. Below are 6 tips to writing a successful marketing CV for the Professional Services sector (they are relevant to any sector).
  • True or false: graduates are under-skilled, unwilling to work and feel entitled to a job.
  • You are not a patient person. If a writer hasn’t got a reader’s attention in the first sentence of a book or an article, most people won’t finish reading it.
  • A marketing degree is one of the most versatile ways to enter the job world. Unlike more specialised fields of study, the field of marketing covers a wider range of industries and job types.
  • Becoming one of the 48,000 people who work in Public Relations is not an easy task. There is fierce competition for each position.
  • You’d think that people applying for jobs would take care to avoid any silly mistakes that might stop them being called to an interview. Unfortunately, you’d be wrong.
  • In this employment world of change of expectation, one thing remains consistent: the one that sounds out from the crowd usually wins out.
  • A recent poll conducted on behalf of Brand Recruitment, asked when during an interview process is it best to discuss the package?
  • A recent discussion in LinkedIn’s largest group for UK-based marketing professionals, the UK Marketing Lounge, highlights a frequently encountered dilemma for recent marketing graduates and job seekers: What are employers looking for in the ideal marketing candidate?
  • We recently placed an advertisement for a junior position here at Northstar. With the current job climate as it is, we expected to get a fair few applicants – however to be honest, we didn’t anticipate receiving quite the number we did, over 300! But the more startling aspect of the whole proce...
  • How a recent show of benevolence was rewarded with a punch in the guts